Cost: $399 a year or $69 a month


I’m always on the lookout for the next best thing but as of now… gets my vote for the best publicly available proof of funds letter.

SPOILER ALERT: This POF letter gets a B rating. Why? Because an A means you have your own bank statement showing that paper – this is the next best thing.


  1. Proof of funds in your name
  2. *Includes Bank Statement
  3. Price – $399 for a year is a great price. Comparable letters that DO NOT include a bank statement are being sold for $997 per year. If you are economically challenged, they also have a monthly option for 69 bucks a month


  1. Letter is not property specific

Final Rating: B

Check out the Samples Below:

(Updated Samples coming soon – Gimme a Sec Folks!)

  • J. Hynson

    Where is a sample letter?