Congrats, You’ve Just Entered a Bullshit-Free Zone


So now that you’ve officially plugged into my head, (unless you have a shitty attitude or you’re lazier than the dude that designed the Japanese flag), you now stand an incredible chance at making some serious money. You’re about to learn from The Wholesaling Titan, South Florida’s Biggest, Baddest Wholesaler. I’m a full-time wholesaler and coach, actively flipping houses on a daily basis, and I’m inviting you to the work from home, flip houses, burn cash (ok, it was just once), slap bosses, be free club…you in?

There’s a Ton of misinformation, negativity  or outdated information out there and it’s deterring and/or preventing driven, ambitious people from attaining the success and Freedom that they deserve. So am I sharing this because I’m just an awesome, altruistic guy?

Short Answer: Yes and No. I’m very blessed to have been able to quit my 9 – 5  job, work from home and attain financial freedom. I believe 100% in paying the gift forward – that’s the good guy part. The selfish part is that there’s a good chance that some of you will do deals with me and we’ll make some $$$ in a win/win situation. 

So without boring you, here’s my brief background:

Actually, I was going to write this out, but I’m about efficiency – here are the bullet points:

  1. Went to a Prestigious University (Duke University) and had high expectations for a job
  2. Moved to Florida in 2011 with No job (or prospects), No car, No apartment, and about $600 in savings
  3. Got a job making 50k a year, but working a shitload of hours – had no free time or time for my family and lived paycheck to paycheck – didn’t take me long to realize the cubicle life was not for me
  4. Attended a Real Estate meeting I found online
  5. Learned everything I could about a technique called wholesaling (got obsessed – read books, blogs, attended webinars, bootcamps, etc)
  6. Make 2 deals – used the profit to pay for a mentor
  7. Mentor changed my life – Wholesaled part time for a year and quit my job
  8. Full time wholesaler – loving life, work when I want, where I want, train and compete in MMA, spend my days with my daughter, no more financial stress
  9. Started coaching – I’m intense and I push students, but my program is second to none. Unlike those who teach but do not DO, I’m active in the business and I teach through doing. My students and I are closing on properties and splitting deals every single month
  10. ??? 

Whew…. Well, those are the highlights.

Please enjoy the site. Link with me on Facebook and Most Importantly… ENGAGE. Leave comments, ask questions, don’t be shy…. I REEEEEEALLY don’t want to write for the sake of writing… I want to do what the other guys won’t do, answer your questions, make some money in the process, and change lives. 

To Your Success,


(P.S. – I’m all about getting you the best content I can, as quickly as I can, cutting the fluff, and being efficient. That, and I also have things to do – there will be spelling, grammar and other errors – don’t be anal, cut me some slack, and I’ll get you better stuff faster, thanks!)