36052422_sHow to Flip Houses With No MoneySimple. No fluff and No B.S. I’m gonna teach you how to Flip Real Estate (buy and quickly resell houses), with no money. So if you’ve bought gas with change recently (c’mon, hands up), then listen up. This is by far, the fastest, easiest and sexiest way to accumulate wealth with little risk (even if you’re broke).

How do I know?? Click HERE to check out my background story. Then look below where I’ll show you exactly how to find wholesale deals, how to find cash buyers, and reveal the latest tips and tricks to beat the competition, overcome obstacles, and collect fat checks flipping houses.


How To Wholesale Real Estate
How to wholesale real estate... The only profession I know of where a 24 year old with no cash, bad credit, and no experience, can make $9,849 in 37 days. Naysayers swear wholesaling is a scam. Realtors insist that wholesaling is illegal. Skeptics think it's a get-rich-quick scheme and the analytical type over-complicate the heck out of the process. Even worse, there are teachers, blogs, and wannabe investors out there promoting methods that simply don't work anymore. Upgrade, Educate, Get with the times people! You can stick your Blu Ray disc in a Betamax a gazillion times - it ain't gonna work. So in this section you'll find regularly updated content on the various types of wholesale deals, how to go about pursuing them, and the specific processes and tactics we employ to find, negotiate and sell theses properties based on the deal type. Get Started Here.
How To Find Motivated Sellers
If you want to know how to make money in real estate, then you've got to know how to find motivated sellers. These folks are the lifeblood of your business and will sell their homes below market value. In this section, you'll find the latest information and lead generation techniques for identifying various sources of motivated seller leads as well as the best practices for contacting and dealing with sellers based on his or her current circumstance. Get Started Here
How to Find Cash Buyers
Cash Buyers... Posts in this category are exclusively dedicated to showing you the absolute best ways to find 'em. And no, not the people who say  they're cash buyers, NO tire kickers here - show me the money! I'm talking about high quality, repeat cash buyers who are already purchasing investment properties in your market. Because the reality is that you can have all the deals in the world, but it's only half the battle; you need cash buyers to get paid. Click here for the Goods.
Proof of Funds
You'll need a Proof of Funds Letter to complete a majority of your wholesale deals. But Why? What exactly what is a proof of funds letter? When do I need one? Where can I get a proof of funds letter? Got you covered...  In this section, I'll answer all of these questions, show sample letters, review the different types of proof of funds  letters (with the advantages and disadvantages of each), AND show you where to get them. Start here: What is a Proof of Funds Letter and Why do I need one?